TTS Text to Speech & Voice Synthesis converters for Digital Signage, Kiosks, ATMs, Banking, Security, Mass Notification for Campus Business Schools and Education
Email/SMS messaging and Text to Voice data.. Voice Synthesis Audio IP Paging & Announcement Systems

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Available in 24 languages - Multilanguage / Multilingual : Arabic, Spanish Catalan,  Chinese, Danish, Dutch English (UK),  English (US),  Finnish,   French, French (Canadian), German, Hungarian Japanese, Korean, Italian,  Norwegian,  Polish, Portuguese, Spanish (North America) Swedish.


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Ethernet to TTS, RS232 to TTS, Serial to TTS, Embedded Text To Speech, Text to Speech Conversion for transportation, signage, notification, emergency, robotics and warning systems. 

TextSpeak is a leader in embedded text to speech development Scott. For more information 

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Campus alert systems provide emergency mass notification

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